Congratulations on possessing a F.I.N.E piece of jewellery.

All of our F.I.N.E products are made of the finest 925 silver and handset diamonds, pearls or cubic zirconia. We offer a 2 year warranty and guarantee on all of our products. We employ rigorous quality assurance practices in our workshops and assembly points to ensure that our jewellery is perfectly finished for our customers. We know that you will not settle for fakes and nor will we and that is why Noble Elegance Holding Ltd., guarantees and assures that all diamonds and cubic zirconia are 100% authentic. 

We want our product to deliver you enjoyment for years to come. To ensure your F.I.N.E product lasts as long as possible, your jewelry will require regular care. Diamonds and cubic zirconia are very hard materials but despite their crystalline construction, can loosen in their settings from a strong force or impact.  It is best to exercise care and not to subject your F.I.N.E pendants or earrings to activities where extreme impact may be experienced.  Please refer to the specific icons of your F.I.N.E gift box for item specific care and maintenance advice. As part of the ongoing maintenance of your F.I.N.E product, we highly recommend that jewelry be serviced by a certified jeweler regularly. 

We believe beauty should be cruelty-free and we certify that all our diamonds are conflict free and are aligned to The Kimberley Process diamonds best practice.


To activate your Guarantee email us at following information:

  • Product Name and Reference Number (number under the barcode or on right bottom corner)
  • Place of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Receipt number

We learn every day how to make our products better and we welcome all feedback about quality, design or whatever you want to share with us. Please feel free to share your ideas.

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