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Quality & Care

F.I.N.E uses Universal Icons to describe the quality and care of jewellery.
Silver 925 icon
Silver is a precious metal. Its value is globally recognized.  F.I.N.E. Uses 925 Silver, also known as Sterling Silver. This means that it's a mix of 92,5% Silver and 2,5% of Copper.
Diamond icon 
F.I.N.E. uses real diamonds set in silver..... and everybody knows that Diamonds are forever!
Cubic zirconia icon
Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is a specially made synthetic Gemstone.  It is polished like Diamonds for maximum shine.   Cubic Zirconia is harder than most semi-precious natural Gems.
Pearl icon
Cultured pearls are created by an Oyster Farmer under controlled conditions.
This icon tells that you can clean your jewellery yourself by using jewellery polishing liquids and polishing cloths.
Anti allergic icon  
Most precious metals are hypoallergenic by nature. If you see any changes in your skin when using F.I.N.E. Jewellery, first clean your jewellery and be sure that you don't use any harsh chemicals. Residual chemicals can remain on your jewellery and irritate the skin.
No perfume icon
Precious metals absorb perfume and it can reduce the original shine. Pearls are particularly sensitive to perfumes.
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